Sarah Palin appears on Fox News. (Fox News) Sarah Palin appears on Fox News. (Fox News)

The relationship between former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Fox News has ended.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors,” Fox Executive Vice President Bill Shine said in a statement.

Palin has continued to engage in political debates via her Facebook page, where her posts often receive thousands of comments. But leaving Fox News means she loses a chance to be seen and heard by millions of viewers.

The contract first began back in January of 2010. At the time she was considered a potential 2012 presidential candidate.

Palin has not appeared on Fox News since mid-December. During the Republican National Convention, she wrote on her Facebook page that Fox had "cancelled all my scheduled interviews tonight." It was a hint of what New York magazine reports has been an ongoing dispute between Palin and network executives over disappointing ratings and time slots.

Dennis Kucinich, a former Democratic presidential candidate far to the left of Palin, just signed on with Fox News as an analyst.