Former Democratic senator Sam Nunn (Ga.) and former Republican senator John Warner (Va.) and introduced Chuck Hagel to the Senate Armed Services Committee, arguing that Hagel's experience in Vietnam and in the Senate will make for a strong defense secretary. Both are former chairmen of the committee.

"He will stand up and fight as hard as two of your predecessors," Warner said, in reference to current Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and former defense secretary Robert Gates.

Warner, who also served in Vietnam, emphasized Hagel's membership in that band of brothers and the "special bond" that unites them. "Certain men are asked to take the point, which means to get out and lead in the face of the enemy," Warner said, and Hagel -- who volunteered to serve and rose to the rank of infantry sergeant -- was one of those men.

Warner concluded his testimony by turning to Hagel and saying, "You're on your own. Good luck."