President Obama, just three months after securing reelection, is returning to the campaign trail this year with an aggressive schedule of fundraising events to boost Democratic candidates heading into the 2014 midterm elections, White House and Democratic officials confirmed Thursday.

Obama, his party’s top draw for wealthy donors, is planning to headline at least 14 separate fundraising events this year, split evenly between the committees responsible for electing Democrats to the House and Senate.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst President Obama. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The details first appeared Thursday morning in The New York Times and were confirmed by White House and Democratic officials. In addition, one of the officials said, Obama will appear at separate fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee.

Most of Obama’s planned fundraising events in 2013 will require him to travel outside of Washington. He has agreed to appear at 10 events across the country, including five for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and five for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In addition, he will appear at one fundraiser for each committee in Washington and will headline two joint fund-raising galas for House and Senate candidates.

Obama’s fundraising is expected to continue in 2014 heading into that November’s elections that will determine whether Democrats can maintain control of the Senate and win back the House. Obama’s commitment to help fellow Democrats raise money comes as he is pushing an ambitious legislative agenda on Capitol Hill, from comprehensive immigration reform to a far-reaching gun-control agenda.

In 2009, at the start of the 2010 midterms election cycle and Obama's first year in office, the president attended 28 fundraising events, including 12 for the DNC and three for the DCCC or DSCC, according to figures maintained by CBS News's Mark Knoller.

Knoller's record shows that in 2011, at the start of the 2012 cycle, Obama attended 71 fundraising events, 67 of which were for his own reelection campaign. That year he held two events for the DSCC and one for the DCCC.