Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said during the hearings for John Brennan's nomination as CIA director that the White House has not lived up to its promise of transparency on targeted killings.

The White House has released an Office of Legal Counsel opinion justifying the targeting of U.S. citizens overseas. But Wyden said he wanted to see "any and all opinions" on targeting killing and that it was "not clear" that that was provided.

"I hope you'll go back to the White House and convey to them that the Justice Department is not following through on the president's commitment," Wyden told Brennan. "Every American citizen has the right to know when the government thinks it has a right to kill them."

Wyden asked Brennan whether he would make public accidental deaths due to drone strikes; the nominee said he would. The senator also asked for a list of countries where the CIA has been involved in lethal operations.

"I would damn well make sure that this committee had that information" going forward, Brennan said.