One month after parting ways with Gallup, USA Today has signed up the Pew Research Center as its new pollster.

USA Today's split with Gallup on Jan. 18 came after the pollster received plenty of criticism late in the 2012 election and despite their decades-long alliance. At the time, USA Today was reportedly in talks with other pollsters.

Tuesday, we learn that the newspaper has reached an agreement with Pew, which is a nonpartisan think tank in addition to being a pollster.

"We are excited to announce our new collaboration with Pew Research Center," USA Today editor-in-chief Dave Callaway said in a statement. "USA Today uses polling to stay in touch with Americans' views and spark a national conversation about our country's challenges and the best course forward to meet them."

The first USA Today/Pew poll will come out this week and will focus on Congress.