New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday after his White House meeting with Vice President Joe Biden that he was encouraged by his time in Washington pushing initiatives to curb gun violence.

Bloomberg was visiting the capital the day after a major victory for his super PAC, Independence USARobin Kelly won her Democratic primary in Illiniois' 2nd district special election after Bloomberg's PAC supported her candidacy to the tune of about $2 million dollars in ads.

Kelly ran against former representative Debbie Halvorson, who had said she would oppose an assault weapons ban and earned a high rating from the NRA while in Congress.

Bloomberg would not take full credit for Kelly's win but said he would continue to be involved in funding races.

"Is it a harbinger of things to come? I think so, but this is the public speaking," Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg also said he met with Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Mark Kirk (D-Ill.) and Majority Leader Harry Reid during his trip.

Bloomberg was not overly concerned about the federal budget cuts set to take effect Friday due to sequestration.

"I think Monday we'll still be able to police the streets," he said. "It's going to take a while."