(John Gress -- Reuters)

Former White House adviser and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina launched his own consulting firm, the Messina Group, on Wednesday with two other Democratic strategists.

Messina is now co-chairman for Organizing for Action, the nonprofit formed from the former Obama campaign to support the president's policy agenda.

The Messina Group will "advise organizations and political campaigns who want to build movements, services and products that succeed by being data-driven, digitally savvy and grassroots focused," according to a statement from the group.

Messina told Politico that he will be a consultant, not a lobbyist, for his new clients, and that he may take on for-profit clients even though they are not the firm's primary focus.

Tara Corrigan, a longtime Obama campaign aide and Ty Matsdorf, who worked for Democratic super PAC American Bridge, are also joining the firm.