A new ad from a deficit reduction group takes on President Obama's claims that the sequester represents a "meat cleaver approach" to cutting the deficit, noting that it eliminates just 3 percent of the government's budget.

The ad, which will officially be released Tuesday, is called "Three Pennies" and is being run by the group Public Notice, which was founded by a former top aide to President George W. Bush, Gretchen Hamel. It will run for a week and a half on cable and online, and the group said it is spending in the mid-six figures on the ad.

"Americans have made tough choices and cut back; Washington refuses," the ad says. "Call Washington. Ask them why it's so hard to cut spending."

The group says it would like Congress to replace the sequester with more responsible spending cuts, but it also suggests the cuts aren't so bad — something Republicans have been arguing for a few weeks now.

“Now that the political posturing is over, it's time for Washington to come up with the best way to implement the sequester or offer smarter cuts to replace it," Hamel said in a statement. "Finding just three cents on every dollar in the annual federal budget to replace sequestration isn't ‘draconian’ or ‘drastic' — it's the responsible thing to do."