President Obama's approval rating is back up, to 49 percent, in the Gallup daily tracking poll, following a week in which it tumbled from 53 percent to 46 percent -- the lowest mark since Obama's reelection.

The rapid decline in Obama's approval rating had lead conservatives to suggest it was due to his stewardship (or more specifically, lack thereof) of the sequester debate.

Tracking polls have a tendency to swing back and forth, though, so it's best to keep an eye on the long-term trends to discern whether Obama has paid a real political price for the sequester.

There is, however, some more anecdotal evidence that Obama didn't come out of the sequester debate smelling like roses.

A CBS News poll released earlier Tuesday showed nearly as many Americans blame Obama for the sequester (33 percent) as Republicans (38 percent). Previous polling had placed significantly more blame on the shoulders of Republicans.