George P. Bush, the eldest son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and nephew of former president George W. Bush, is running for Texas land commissioner in 2014.

Bush had already announced that he intended to run for statewide office. The 36-year-old lawyer and Naval Reserve lawyer has been raising money across the state. But there was some speculation that he would challenge Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican primary.

The co-founder of the political action committee Hispanic Republicans of Texas, Bush  is among those arguing that the GOP can reach out to Latino voters with new faces, not a new party doctrine.

"These groups are looking for a different messenger, and that's one of the reasons why I've pursued public office here in Texas, and why I join a new generation of Republicans," he told the AP recently.

Established in 1836, land commissioner is the oldest continuous elected position in Texas history. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) served in the post before ascending to his current position.