There might be a Romney on the ticket in Michigan next year. While Mitt Romney's brother Scott has opted out of the race, the former Massachusetts governor's niece is interested.

"Maybe this is a time where we can bring a new voice and get a Republican senator from our state," Ronna Romney McDaniel, Scott Romney's daughter, told the Detroit News Tuesday night.

Scott Romney, 71, told columnist Tim Skubick that he decided it "was not the right time for me and my family." He said he saw how much work his brother put into the presidential race and that Mitt was “still getting over the loss.” The lawyer added that had he run and won the seat, he would have served only one term. But he's enthusiastic about his daughter's potential candidacy and urged her to consider a bid.

Romney McDaniel's mother twice unsuccessfully ran for Senate, in 1994 and 1996. Her grandmother, Lenore Romney, ran in 1970. The presidential candidate's niece was active in Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign, chairing Michigan Women for Mitt.

Republicans are searching for a strong candidate to run in Michigan, where veteran Sen. Carl Levin (D) is retiring. Several potential contenders have already bowed out of the race. On the Democratic side, Rep. Gary Peters is weighing a bid.