One Al Franken supporter will win a brunch with this guy. (Getty Images) One Al Franken supporter will win a brunch with this guy. (Getty Images)

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) is taking a page from President Obama and offering supporters the chance to dine with a celebrity -- in this case, brunch with comedy star Conan O' Brien.

Donors who give any amount of money could win a trip to O'Brien's Los Angeles, Calif. home.

"Imagine how much fun it would be to hang out at Conan’s house. Imagine how jealous your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/boss/parents/neighbors/cousins will be. Imagine how ridiculous your friends will look when they compete to be your plus-one," Franken writes. "Do it for my grassroots campaign. Do it for the experience of a lifetime. Do it for the looks on your friends’ faces. Do it for the free meal. Do it for Conan."

In the 2012 election, Obama's reelection campaign held a series of contests offering supporters the chance to eat dinner with stars -- choosing both the celebrity guests and the supporters targeted with complex data analysis. But Conan was probably picked for a less tech-savvy reason:  he and Franken worked on "Saturday Night Live" together. O'Brien held a $500 a plate fundraiser for the senator in 2010.

Franken has $1.3 million in the bank and no Republican challenger as yet.

Franken raised over $20 million for his 2008 race again then Sen. Norm Coleman (R). He won with only 42 percent of the vote. But Franken has gradually built up his popularity in the state. Coleman is not interested in a rematch and has said he thinks the senator would be hard to beat.