Richard Carmona, the former surgeon general who lost a close Senate race in 2012, won't be running for governor next year, the Democrat has announced.

"I'm not ruling out seeking elected office in the future, but right now isn't the right time for me or my family to embark on a campaign to become the next Governor of Arizona," Carmona wrote Monday on his Facebook page.

Carmona first revealed his decision in a Sunday interview with 12 News of Phoenix.

Personally recruited by President Obama to run for the Senate last cycle, Carmona came up just short against now-Sen. Jeff Flake (R), losing by three points in a state Mitt Romney won by 10. He'd have been a top 2014 recruit for Democrats, who will now have to look elsewhere in the GOP-leaning state.

Former Clinton White House aide Fred DuVal is formally exploring a bid while Democratic state Rep. Chad Campbell is mulling a campaign of his own.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is term-limited, but has left the door open to challenging the state Constitution to run for another term.