A top Democratic group is launching a Web site that aims to be a clearing house for information about the harmful effects of the sequester.

C-Quest.org is designed as a spin-off of C-Span.org and will feature original video and local coverage of the sequester's effects, according to an advance look at the site provided to Post Politics. It is being spearheaded by the American Bridge 21st Century Foundation nonprofit, a sister organization of the American Bridge super PAC.

Republicans have criticized the White House's effort to warn of the downside of the sequester as going too far, and fact-checkers have rated some of the Obama administration's claims as untrue. In addition, Republicans have accused the administration of pulling a cheap political stunt by canceling White House tours and blaming the sequester.

Overall, there has not been any sign of a major public backlash against the sequester cuts, and many Americans said they were fine with the reductions before they took effect.

The new site aims to bring more major effects of the sequester into the public spotlight, while also criticizing Republican lawmakers who have minimized the impact of the reductions.

“The only reason that the sequester exists is because conservative lawmakers held the American economy hostage over the debt ceiling increase in 2011,” the group says. “Now that the opportunities to accept a balanced solution have passed and sequestration is upon us, conservatives refuse to acknowledge that the American people are suffering from their intransigence.”