Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Political strategist David Plouffe helped Barack Obama win the presidency twice. Will he come to Hillary Clinton's aid if she takes the plunge in 2016?

That's what journalist Jeff Greenfield asked him Sunday night at the 92nd Street Y, and while Plouffe hemmed and hawed, he promised to take the call day or night.

"It’s the end of 2015 you’re home watching television, the phone rings and it’s Hillary Clinton," Greenfield said. "She says, 'David, I’m in if you run my campaign? Want to make history again? What’s your answer?'"

At first, Plouffe hesitated. "A), No, I will not run you're campaign, but uh, because I'm done with that… Look, I’m not going to speak to what Secretary of State Clinton will or will not do."

But then Obama's former senior adviser outlined how Clinton is the politician best positioned at the moment to launch a White House bid in 2016.

"All of us who went through that tough primary just have the highest degree of admiration for her," Plouffe said. "She obviously would be an enormously strong candidate if she decided to run. We’ve got others, obviously, who will look at it, certainly, if she does not...She is, in both parties right now, by far I think the most interesting candidate, probably the strongest candidate."

Clinton's decision to endorse same-sex marriage Monday has only heightened speculation that she will seek the presidency three years from now.

But at the end of his nearly two-minute reply to Greenfield, Plouffe made it clear he would come to Clinton's assistance, though he might not take on the title of campaign manager again.

"All I know is I'll accept the call , whenever she calls...even if it's at 3 a.m," he said. "But my days of running presidential campaigns--I’m just going to be helping, like everybody else.".