As President Obama heads to Israel, the Israeli Embassy to the United States has released a video emphasizing the strong ties between the two countries — with cartoons.

In the video, Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear in public together. A newspaper appears with a headline asking what their relationship is like "behind the scenes" before the men retreat to a private library to shake hands as the "Golden Girls" television show theme song, "Thank You for Being a Friend" plays in the background.

What's the deal?

"It may not be what you see from a government but this is a way we can cut through and raise awareness," a spokesman from the embassy said, calling the response to the clip "phenomenal" and noting that the video was all over Twitter and had gotten picked up as far away as Australia.

The office is hoping that the video will lead more people to follow news of Obama's trip through the embassy's channels and absorb the embassy's message.

That message, the spokesman said, is that Israel and the United  States are "ultimate allies" whose "deep and multifaceted relationship is rooted in shared values and common interest." Nevermind that the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu is known to be tense.

While aesthetic opinions on the video have been mixed, it's "undoubtedly clear from all of that is that the audience recognizes the message that the U.S.-Israel relationship is stronger than it's ever been," the spokesman added.

It isn't the first quirky clip on a serious topic produced by the embassy. In November, the embassy depicted the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas driving a bus off a cliff by pursuing U.N. recognition for the Palestinian state. Another depicted world leaders waiting for Abbas to, literally, "come to the table."