Texas Governor Rick Perry (R). (REUTERS/Adam Hunger)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is likely to announce whether he will make another run for president in 2016 by late this year, a spokesman told Post Politics on Tuesday.

Perry told the Florida political blog The Shark Tank that Perry had said he would decide on whether to seek reelection as governor in June and then volunteered that he would make an announcement about running for president "sometime later in the year."

Perry spokesman Josh Havens confirmed that Perry will probably announce his 2016 plans in the latter part of 2013.

"He has said that he will first make a decision this summer about running for reelection as governor, then sometime later on in the year he will probably make a decision about 2016," Havens said.

Deciding on a presidential bid so early in the process would be odd, especially given that Perry could be running for reelection at that point. Politicians who are seeking reelection don't generally say they will run for another office once they are reelected.

At the same time, Perry suffered in his 2012 presidential campaign not just because of his gaffes on the campaign trail but also, his advisers maintain, because of a late start. He got into the race in August, less than five months before the first primaries and caucuses and well after the other major candidates.

"The big tactical or strategic mistakes is … if he was going to do this, we should have started it years ago," top Perry adviser David Carney said late last year.

Announcing his 2016 plans in 2013 -- especially if he doesn't seek reelection as governor -- would certainly give him plenty of time to prepare.