Claire McCaskill will share her campaign secrets. (Susan Walsh -- AP)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is writing a book about her 2012 campaign against Rep. Todd Akin (R).

"I'm going to write a book about it, the race," she told conservative news radio host Jamie Allman on Wednesday morning. "I'm going to tell the whole story." The St. Louis Post-Dispatch first reported on the exchange.

She said that "people are telling me not to do it, but it's just so interesting and I think people need to understand that some of the extreme elements in this country, at both ends of the spectrum, are not politically viable if you do it right."

Her campaign made what she calls "a cold calculation" about the Republican primary and successfully intervened to elevate Akin, an unusual move.

The senator also suggested that she had plenty of opposition research that would have sunk Akin had he not made his comments about "legitimate rape" and was confident that she would have won.

"You wouldn't believe the number of things that he said, that we had in the can," McCaskill said.

Akin has also considered writing a book, he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last year.