Updated, 2:01 p.m.

Vice President Biden will head to South Carolina in the days before the special election featuring Stephen Colbert's sister, timing her campaign calls "coincidental."

Biden will speak at the state Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on May 3 -- an event that benefits the state party but not Colbert Busch directly. Colbert Busch is set to attend the party's convention on Saturday, though not necessarily the dinner on Friday, according to a South Carolina Democratic operative who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plans were not solidified.

"The timing of the vice president's visit to South Carolina is purely coincidental," said Colbert Busch spokesoman Catherine Christman. "The South Carolina Dem Party invited VP Biden to address its annual dinner. The vice president will not be coming to the 1st District while he is in the Palmetto State, and Elizabeth will be totally involved campaigning in the 1st District while he is in town."