A Nevada Democratic assemblyman who has been arrested twice this year for allegedly threatening another lawmaker and for domestic battery has been expelled from the state assembly.

Members expelled Assemblyman Steven Brooks (D) by voice vote. The lawmaker he allegedly threatened, state Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D), was visibly shaken while declaring his seat vacant, according to reports.

Brooks's lawyers have said it's all a misunderstanding.

Brooks was arrested in January for allegedly threatening Kirkpatrick. He was apprehended while traveling in his car, which also contained a gun and ammunition.

In the following days, Brooks was hospitalized following a domestic disturbance. And a couple of weeks later, he was arrested again on charges of battery and resisting arrest. He also attempted to buy a gun, and was turned away.

Members of the assembly said they no longer felt safe with Brooks in the chamber.

It is the first time a member of the state legislature has been expelled, according to AP.