Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is still angry at Republicans who voted against a Superstorm Sandy relief package early this year -- including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whom he attacked for raising money in New York after voting against the aid.

"My relationship with Congress will never be the same again," King said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Friday. "They made us wait 90 to 100 days to get the most basic human aid. It was absolutely disgraceful. And when I see these Republicans slap each other on the back, all the camaraderie, hey we're great friends, all I know is that there were people who were close to dying in my district, and no one gave a damn, and that's something I'm not going to forget."

He said it was particularly galling to see a senator like Rubio, from a state familiar with disaster, vote against the aid package and then visit New York to raise money. Rubio said the package was filled with pork; he supported a much smaller relief package.

"Guys like Marco Rubio in Florida, with all the money that your people have gotten in Florida over the years from every hurricane that came along, and this guy has got the nerve to vote against money for New York and then come up here and try to raise money? You know, he can forget it," King said. "He can stay home."

Rubio met with potential Wall Street donors in early March. At the time of his visit, King told Politicker that Rubio or any other politician who voted against the Sandy package should not get "one nickel from New York."

King added Friday that he meant no disrespect: "I've always liked him, I think he'd be a great candidate," he said of Rubio. But, he said, "I doubt he'll put me on the ticket in 2016."