Elizabeth Colbert Busch is out in front opposing Obama's budget. (Bruce Smith/AP)

President Obama hasn't even unveiled his budget yet, and Democratic House candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch has already rejected it.

"I respectfully disagree with the budget that President Obama is expected to present today because it simply doesn’t take the right steps to putting our fiscal house back in order – especially from my perspective as a businesswoman," Colbert Busch said in a statement. "Not only does President Obama’s plan fail to put our finances back in order, it would cut benefits for our seniors, which is wrong."

Colbert Busch is running in a special election in a district Mitt Romney won with 58 percent of the vote. According to a recent poll from Democratic automated pollster PPP, Obama’s approval rating there stands at 41 percent. The only way she can win is  to distance herself from national Democrats as much as possible. Her first general election ad promised, "I won’t take any special interest pledges or follow any party line.” So this stance is hardly surprising; other vulnerable Democrats in conservative territory will likely follow suit.

The special election for South Carolina's 1st district will be held on May 7. Colbert Busch faces former governor Mark Sanford.