It took 60 years for the men who served in the Korean War with Father Emil Kapaun to see his memory honored with the military’s highest award. Members of the heroic military chaplain’s family and a handful of Korean War veterans, most in their 80s, listened Wednesday as President Obama lauded Kapaun’s bravery and kindness before handing the Medal of Honor to his nephew, Ray Kapaun.

“In the chaos -- dodging bullets and explosions -- Father Kapaun raced between foxholes and into no-man’s lands, dragging the wounded to safety. When the enemy broke through and the combat was hand-to-hand, he carried on comforting the injured and the dying,” Obama said. Kapaun was “an American soldier who didn’t fire a gun, but who [carried] the mightiest weapon of all: the love for his brothers so powerful that he was willing to die so that they might live.”