Organizing for Action raised $4.9 million in the first quarter of this year, the group reported Friday, with an average donation of $44.

In an e-mail to supporters, the group's executive director Jon Carson boasted that "109,582 supporters stepped up and invested what we're building together -- from the grassroots up."

The group, which is focused on promoting the president's budget, immigration and gun control initiatives, will release a list of its large donors (anyone giving $250 or more) later Friday. In early March, OFA reversed course and announced it would not accept corporate contributions, though it still takes unlimited donations from individuals.

Carson used the release of OFA's fundraising numbers to -- what else? -- ask supporters for more money.

"People -- especially the special interests on the other side -- are taking notice of what this grassroots-funded organization is up to. We're digging in, we're speaking out, and we're amplifying the voices of ordinary Americans on some of the biggest issues of our time," he wrote. "Don't miss your chance to be part of this movement: We're off to a running start, and we're not turning back."