Neither the public nor the press should jump to conclusions about the bombing at the Boston marathon, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Tuesday, citing erroneous news reports about Monday's attack.

"So much of the reporting has been wrong, reports of far more than three dead, reports of multiple explosive devices beyond those that were at the scene," Murphy said in an interview with MSNBC. “I just think everybody, including everybody in the press, needs to chill out here. Let the investigators do their work. Hopefully, they have some leads here that are going to get them somewhere, but I think we don't want the public information to get ahead of the private information.”

The New York Post reported Monday that 12 people were killed in the blasts and that a Saudi national was a suspect in the case. Three deaths have been confirmed. A federal law enforcement official told The Washington Post on Tuesday that the Saudi student in question is regarded as a witness, not a suspect. Several news organizations reported that police had found multiple devices that had not exploded, along with the two bombs that had blown up. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday that "two and only two explosive devices were found."

At the same time, Murphy added, the attack was a reminder "that you need to be vigilant at all times."