Vice President Biden, just before leaving the White House to preside over the Senate’s votes on gun legislation, implored senators to vote favorably on what he labeled a “simple, common-sense issue.”

“I hope to God that there’s 60 people up there who have the courage to stand up,” Biden said in an online forum. “It doesn’t take that much courage. The people are with them.”

Biden, along with several pro-gun control mayors, was speaking to supporters on a Google hang-out. He sounded quite frustrated with misinformation being spread by opponents to the bipartisan compromise to expand background checks for most gun buyers.

Biden reiterated that the proposal would not create or lead to the creation of a federal gun registry. “Nothing can be further from the truth,” Biden said.

He also dismissed suggestions that the measures would infringe upon people’s constitutional right to bear arms.

“There is no – zero – no infringement on the Second Amendment, not one single thing being proposed,” Biden said.

Biden said supporters of stricter gun laws need to make clear to their lawmakers that they feel passionately about the issue and that guns is not “just another issue.”

“What you’ve got to do is not only make it clear that you support rational gun safety that has no impact on the Second Amendment, but you’ve got to say this means the most to me,” Biden said.