Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's (R) ex-wife, who we learned Tuesday filed a trespassing complaint against her husband earlier this year, has also accused her husband of shirking their divorce agreement on at least three other occasions.

According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, Jenny Sanford filed a complaint against Mark Sanford in March 2012 for violating the terms of having their sons on the Sanford family's Coosaw plantation. The terms state that "no airplanes will be flown at the children."

She has also accused him of failing to properly insure the property and of missing a child support payment. Jenny Sanford told AP the latter situation has been resolved.

In the complaint, she said Mark Sanford violated the airplanes rule on January 15, 2011 -- three days after he left office as governor. In the same complaint, she accused him of not having enough insurance on the property.

The Washington Post has been able to verify the authenticity of the documents, but both sides declined to offer any more details about precisely what happened that day or what that rule means.

Coosaw is a vast, 1,400-acre plantation purchased by Sanford's father which is a big source of Sanford's wealth. Small aircraft are reportedly flown in the area, and there is a Marine Corps air station nearby.

Jenny Sanford also filed a complaint in December 2011 accusing Sanford of failing to submit his annual $5,000 payment for their son's college education. She told the AP on Tuesday that the issue was resolved but declined to elaborate.

Mark Sanford's campaign declined to comment on the newly discovered complaints. He responded to the trespassing charge in a statement Wednesday morning, saying such disagreements are an "unfortunate reality" after a divorce.

“There is always another side to every story, and while I am particularly curious how records that were sealed to avoid the boys dealing with embarrassment are now somehow exposed less than three weeks before this election, I agree with Jenny that the media is no place to debate what is ultimately a family court matter, and out of respect for Jenny and the boys, I’m not going to have any further comment at this time,” Sanford said.

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