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DSCC outraised NRSC in March

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The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $5.2 million in March, ending the month with $8.4 million on the bank, the committee will announce. By comparison, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $3.2 million and banked about $5.3 million.

Over the course of the first quarter of the year, the DSCC outpaced its GOP counterpart by nearly $7 million. The Democratic committee, however, did not reveal how much debt it was carrying. The committee owed about $15 million at the end of February. The NRSC, meanwhile, will report $9.5 million in debt in its latest report.

Here's a recap of what other committees raised:

* The Democratic National Committee reportedly raised $5.7 million in March, banking $5.9 million cash on hand, and carrying $22.6 million worth of debt. The Republican National Committee reported no debt. The RNC brought in $6.3 million during March, banking $8.7 million.

* The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $10.2 million in March, bringing its quarterly total to $22.6 million. That was good enough to outpace the National Republican Congressional Committee, which raised $8.1 million in March and $17.5 million during the first quarter. The DCCC finished the period with $8.9 million in the bank and $4.5 million in debt, while the NRCC banked $8.1 million and carried forth $8.25 million in debt.