For a second straight night, the two Democrats running for a Massachusetts Senate seat slammed one another for votes on homeland defense, with Rep. Edward J. Markey charging that Rep. Stephen F. Lynch had taken a page "right out of the Karl Rove swiftboat playbook" with the claims he was making.

Lynch opened the debate by hitting Markey for voting against five Homeland Security Department appropriations bills, a joint terrorism task force measure, and a port security bill.

Markey countered with a references to both GOP strategist Karl Rove and a 2004 effort to discredit then-presidential candidate John Kerry's military record. "He's taken a page right out of the Karl Rove swiftboat playbook," Markey said. "And it's very sad, especially just one week after what just happened in Boston and Cambridge and Watertown."

"I didn't take the page from Karl Rove's playbook," retorted Lynch. "I took the page from your voting record."