House Majority PAC, the top Democratic super PAC focused on House races, is up with its second ad in the South Carolina special congressional election.

The ad again hits the Republican candidate and former governor Mark Sanford for the scandal that plagued his second term without making any mention of his affair. Instead, it focuses on how he "abandoned his post" for several days when nobody knew where he was.

Of course, Sanford was in Argentina to meet his then-mistress who is now his fiancee.

House Majority PAC has so far spent $172,000 on the race. National Democrats have spent another $218,000. National Republicans have said they won't support Sanford, in light of news that his ex-wife accused him of trespassing earlier this year.

The third-party disparity mirrors the candidate's disparity, as Sanford is facing a serious cash deficit in the final weeks of the campaign. Just-filed reports show Colbert Busch outraised him more than two-to-one -- $878,000 to 375,000 -- between mid-March and mid-April.