Here's a reminder that not all publicity is good publicity.

The Web site, which bills itself as a dating site for people already in relationships, put up a billboard in South Carolina with a picture of Mark Sanford.

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"Next time use... to find your 'running mate," reads the billboard. It's a reference to Sanford's extramarital relationship with Maria Belen Chapur, the woman to whom the former governor is now engaged.

The billboard has reportedly gone up in Columbia, S.C., outside the 1st Congressional district where Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D) are running against each other.

Using politicians to promote itself is nothing new for the Web site, which has included Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elliot Spitzer in advertisements.

"The fact that Nancy Pelosi allies are spending a million dollars to elect Elizabeth Colbert Busch is far more pertinent to voters here than some sign that isn't even in the district," responded Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer.