President Obama said Thursday that he was "comfortable" with the decision by the Food and Drug Administration this week to make the morning-after pill available for purchase over the counter to those 15 years or older.

The FDA decision conflicts with a court order earlier this year that the Plan B contraception be made available to women of all ages without a prescription. Nonetheless, it marked a significant expansion of contraceptive rights, perhaps the most notable since the Plan B pill was approved 14 years ago.

The morning-after pill has been available to those under 17 years old only with a prescription, while older women must ask for the contraception from a pharmacist.

Speaking at a news conference in Mexico City, where he began a two-day visit on Thursday, Obama said the FDA decision this week was based on "solid scientific evidence."

Obama made his opinion on the FDA decision known a day after the Justice Department filed notice that it intends to appeal the April court ruling that the emergency contraceptive be made available to women of all ages.