Former president Bill Clinton Former President Bill Clinton at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation "fiscal summit."

Hillary Clinton is enjoying her time as a private citizen and should get a break from presidential speculation, her husband said Tuesday.

"She's taking a role in the [Clinton] foundation, she's writing books, she's having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20 years," former president Bill Clinton responded when asked about his wife's plans. 

Speaking at a "fiscal summit" put on by the anti-deficit Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Clinton described 2016 speculation as "the worst expenditure of our time" and a sad sign of "our national tendency to attention deficit disorder when it comes to politics." Instead, he said, the public, politicians and pundits should all focus on solving real problems so that "whoever the next president is has an easier set of choices before him or her."

Clinton also had a little advice for President Obama, who he urged to keep reaching out to congressional Republicans.

Obama faces a difficult challenge, Clinton said, because "the White House can't give things out the way they used to." Earmarks have been banned, making it harder to trade favors. He suggested Obama offer a corporate tax reform plan and "find some pieces of this puzzle" where Republicans and Democrats can agree.