In a seven-minute long YouTube video guest-starring Jon Bon Jovi, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Moynihan and James Carville, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pokes fun at his own reputation and potential presidential ambitions.

The video starts with an aide suggesting Christie buy an injured giraffe from the National Zoo. "I know how much you hate getting press coverage back in D.C., but this will really help us back home with the animal lover crowd."

Christie hesitates. "That's not going to be another thing that's just going to annoy the base?" he asks, a reference to conservative anger over his embrace of President Obama and criticism of House Republicans. "Stay focused on New Jersey," the aide responds.

The governor soon learns that he's lost his beloved fleece jacket and with it all of his political magic -- his poll numbers plummet, Bruce Springsteen won't talk to him, the "love fest" on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" turns sour. He has to turn to various celebrities for help.

There's a bit of bragging thrown in with the self-deprecating humor. The video starts with Christie touting four years of balanced budgets (which are required under the state constitution), just as his first reelection ad did.