More good news for Mark Sanford. A day after winning a seat in the House of Representatives, the former South Carolina governor has avoided a court appearance by settling a dispute with his ex-wife.

Earlier this year Jenny Sanford filed a complaint against her former husband, saying he had trespassed on her property on multiple occasions.

A staff member at the Charleston County Family Court confirmed that the complaint had been dismissed and the judge is withholding sentencing. A hearing had been scheduled for Thursday.

As part of the agreement, Sanford admitted that he was in contempt of the divorce agreement and will pay $5,000 to cover his ex-wife's legal fees.

The complaint became public in early April, shortly after Sanford's primary victory. In a statement and subsequent newspaper ad, he said he had gone to the house to watch the Super Bowl with his son while his ex-wife was out of town.

It's one of several complaints filed by Jenny Sanford since the couple's 2010 divorce, including one accusing Mark Sanford of violating the rule that “no airplanes will be flown at the children.”