Vice President Biden, in a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, says the White House is jumping "right back" into the debate over guns, despite the recent failure to pass background check legislation.

Biden says he got calls from four senators who voted against the legislation expressing some degree of regret.

"I can name you four senators who called me and said, 'Jesus, I guess you were right – maybe we can find some other way of doing this. Can we bring this back up?'" Biden said.

He added: "We're going right back at it. The biggest thing that's changed is that the people who were for the background checks are saying it will be a determining issue. There's pace on the ball now; this is a different country. I'm convinced we'll be able to bring this back up, and I'm convinced we can win this."

Another interesting nugget from the interview occurs when Biden says that he knew President Obama supported gay marriage even before Obama announced it.

One year ago, Biden suggested on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he supported gay marriage before the White House, which in turn led to Obama's decision to embrace gay marriage.

"I walked in that Monday, he had a big grin on his face, he put his arms around me and said, 'Well, Joe, God love you, you say what you think,'" Biden said. "I knew he agreed with me. It wasn't like he was in a different place."