Capitalizing on the highly awaited release of a trailer for the fourth season of "Arrested Development," House Republicans have put out a video in the style of the beloved show's opening credits.

"And now, the story of a dysfunctional Democratic majority that's costing American jobs and the one president who had no choice but to make it worse," the narrator says. "It's arrested economic development."

That's where the real credits end, but the video goes on argue that Obamacare is making the economy worse, with shots at Vice President  Biden, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and former congressman Anthony Weiner thrown in. There's also a banana stand joke.

Republicans have been turning more and more often to pop culture and Internet memes to get their message out on social media. “It’s mostly just packaging traditional messaging in a way that isn't completely boring,”  National Republican Congressional Committee Digital Director Gerrit Lansing told The Post.

Here's the real trailer for the new season of "Arrested Development," coming to Netflix on May 26.