Former congressman Ben Jones (D-Ga.), who played the character Cooter on the "Dukes of Hazzard," is pretty upset about being disinvited from a fundraiser for Rep. Ed Markey's (D-Mass.) Senate campaign.

Jones, whose band was disinvited from performing at a Tuesday fundraiser over Jones' support for the Confederate flag, took to the Boston Globe op-ed page to strike back at his former colleague.

Over the course of the op-ed, Jones imagines a phone conversation he might have with Markey, whom he repeatedly calls "Eddie."

"It seems to me, Eddie, that in this Internet world you and Al Gore invented, things are being simplified to the point of idiocy," Jones wrote. "So rather than having a serious discussion about the use of symbols, and the context of symbols, and the meaning of symbols, the argument has been boiled down to something like this: 'Rebel flag bad. Racist! Me good. Not racist!'"

Jones added: "Eddie, you could have just said, 'Well, Jones is a pretty good guy and I agree with him on most things, but on this issue I disagree strongly.' And you would have heard some great music. Instead, I am left to wonder about your understanding of all those voters who grew up on our wacky TV show."

Markey is favored to win Secretary of State John Kerry's old Senate seat. Most polling has shown him with a lead over Republican Gabriel Gomez.