President Obama has endorsed Rep. Ed Markey in the Massachusetts special election for Secretary of State John Kerry's senate seat, Markey's campaign announced Tuesday.

"Ed Markey is a passionate and effective champion for middle class and working families, and we need him in the Senate to keep moving our country forward," Obama said in a statement. "Ed has a strong record of helping businesses create jobs and making sure that middle class families get ahead."

Obama's endorsement, of course, isn't all that surprising, and it should be a benefit in deep-blue Massachusetts.

But it wasn't enough to put Martha Coakley over the top in her 2010 Massachusetts special election. Obama was dispatched to the state for a late event when it looked like Coakley was in trouble. She lost to Republican Scott Brown anyway.

Obama is expected to campaign with Markey at some point; the White House reportedly pledged that he would visit the state when Markey got into the race.

This post was updated at 3:13 p.m. to reflect the report that the White House had already promised Markey a visit from Obama.