Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R), in a forum hosted Tuesday by The Washington Post, said that problems in the United States' education system can be traced back to mothers joining the workforce.

Bryant was asked about why educational outcomes in the United States have become more mediocre in recent years, and he cited the fact that more mothers are working.

"I think both parents started working," he said, according to The Post's Valerie Strauss. "The mom got in the workplace."

Bryant quickly sought to clarify the remark, saying that he meant that “both parents are so pressured” these days.

Bryant's comments come on the heels of conservative commentator Erick Erickson's controversial statement that the number of women serving as their families' primary breadwinners (now 40 percent, according to a study) is "anti-science." Erickson's comments drew fire from all sides, including from conservative women.

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