Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday that he plans to file a class action lawsuit against the Obama administration for its "unconstitutional" surveillance programs.

On "Fox News Sunday," Paul said he wants to get the support of 10 million Americans.

"I'm going to be seeing if I can challenge this at the Supreme Court level," Paul said, according to a rush transcript. "I'm going to be asking all the Internet providers and all of the phone companies, ask your customers to join me in a class action lawsuit. If we get 10 million Americans saying we don't want our phone records looked at, then somebody will wake up and say things will change in Washington."

Paul noted that public outcry over two pieces of legislation that raised Internet privacy concerns -- known as SOPA and PIPA -- proved very successful.

"If we can have that again -- people by the millions coming out and saying, 'Look, I want to be part of a class action suit that says to the government, let's hear this at the Supreme Court level. Are you allowed to look at phone records even though there's no probable cause that I'm related to a crime?' -- I think we'll put an end to this," Paul said.