The man responsible for some of the most significant national security leaks in American history is apparently a Ron Paul supporter.

Campaign finance records show an "Edward Snowden" who appears to be the leaker contributed $250 to Paul's presidential campaign twice in 2012.

The first donation came from an address in Columbia, Md., in March 2012, while the second came from Waipahu, Hawaii, two months later.

The first contribution describes the donor as an employee of Dell, a company Snowden has done contract work for in recent years. Snowden is from Maryland, and most recently for Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii.

In addition, Snowden told the Guardian that he supported a third-party candidate for president in 2008. Paul is closely allied with the libertarian movement and ran for president as the Libertarian Party nominee in 1988. For decades, Paul has been a vocal opponent of government intrusion into people's lives.

Other men named Edward Snowden have made political contributions in recent years, but none appear to match the profile of the man who identified himself as the leaker.