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Sen. Rand Paul offers border security amendment to Senate immigration bill

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Wednesday he would support a comprehensive immigration bill if senators accept his amendment to increase Congressional oversight over border security.

Speaking at a gathering of conservative Latino groups, Paul made the case that his proposal, called "Trust but Verify," would make the sweeping legislation more palatable to Republicans who are hesitant to endorse the bill that would ultimately provide a path to citizenship for up to 11 million illegal immigrants.

"The bill is not there yet in the Senate," Paul said at the event sponsored by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. "If you want it to happen, you have to bridge the Senate and the House and bring them together. I'm in between where the Senate is and the House is. I'm not yet ready to vote on the Senate bill unless they're ready to listen to those that say, 'Let's make the border secure.'"