Bill Clinton said Friday morning that the U.S. posture toward Syria looks like it is headed "in the right direction," days after the former president said he supported more aggressive U.S. intervention in the violent conflict between rebels and the Syrian government.

"It looks to me like this is trending in the right direction now," Clinton said in an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

On Thursday, the Obama administration announced it would provide expanded military support to Syrian rebels, after concluding that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons.

Clinton remarked at a private event Tuesday that "some people say, ‘Okay, see what a big mess it is? Stay out!’ I think that’s a big mistake." At the event, according to a report from Politico, Clinton told Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who has called for the United States to step in to support the rebels, that he agrees with him.

Clinton said on "Morning Joe" that he's been "a little amazed" by the coverage of his Tuesday remark at an event for the McCain Institute for International Leadership. He also defended the Obama administration's decision-making process.

"The president, first of all, was entitled to finish his summit with the Chinese president, get this finding, be briefed, and they are now exploring their options," Clinton said.