A new poll offers the most concrete evidence yet that President Obama is paying a political price for the series of controversies that have dogged his administration at the start of its second term.

CNN/Opinion Research poll published Monday shows Obama's approval rating dropping from 53 percent a month ago to 45 percent. Meanwhile, his disapproval rate rose nine points to 54 percent -- just shy of an all-time high for his presidency.

The poll shows that Americans, by a 61-35 margin, disapprove of how Obama is handling government surveillance of U.S. citizens.

And as with an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month, the CNN poll shows Obama is particularly losing ground on the issues of trust and honesty. While 58 percent of respondents in May told CNN the president was honest and trustworthy, that number has now dropped to 49 percent.

Similarly, Obama's marks on fighting terrorism have taken a hit. While 65 percent approved of his handling of terrorism in January, that number is down to 52 percent. (The drop could reflect concern over the Boston Marathon bombings, which happened after the last poll was conducted.)

Other recent polls -- including the NBC/Wall Street Journel survey -- have shown Obama's approval rating slipping, but to a lesser extent than the CNN poll. Some of the earlier shifts within the polls' margin of error. The CNN poll is the first to show a sizeable drop in the president's approval rating.