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Vice President Joe Biden is not letting the gun-control issue rest. At a speech in Las Vegas Friday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual meeting, Biden said that "at least five senators" who initially opposed background checks have sought him out for an opportunity to change their votes.

"We're in an effort to see how we can provide another opportunity for the people who voted no" on universal background checks, which failed in the Senate in April. "That's the hardest thing for a politician and we need to provide them a rationale. We will get to this eventually."

Though he made his opinions on the issues clear, Biden's vow to bring gun control back for another vote was well-received by the politically-diverse group of mayors. “There’s no Democratic or Republican way to clean the streets,” he said, citing late New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

In a 30 minute address, Biden also discussed job growth, immigration reform and gun violence.

Following a week of debate on the Senate’s immigration reform efforts, Biden also peppered his address with statistics pushing for a “tough but clear” path to citizenship.

“The math is pretty simple,” he concluded. “If you bring people out of the shadows, they add to the tax base. …We’ve always had xenophobic forces in our country but the American people are always ahead of their government.”

Amendments to the immigration reform bill will be voted on early next week in time for final passage before the July 4 break.