In response to a New York Times story on the women who exchanged explicit messages with Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and current mayoral candidate expressed "deep regret" over the troubles the scandal caused them.

“I've said many times whenever I was asked that I have deep regret for the women’s lives who were turned upside down by their unwitting involvement in all of this,” Weiner told City & State newspaper. “One of the reasons I had been so reluctant to speak publicly about them is that they’re entitled to their privacy and I want to reiterate that sense of apology."

He added, "I've never talked about the private exchanges that we've had and I never will, because I think that they've already been put through enough.”

Several of the women told the Times that they were angry with Weiner for launching a mayoral campaign and thus bringing his history back into the spotlight.

The article was inadvertently published earlier in June before being pulled offline, replaced by a note saying it was not ready for publication. But BuzzFeed recreated the article Monday from Google caches and the Times published it shortly thereafter.