Once right-handed, former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has learned how to do a number of things with her non-dominant left hand. She writes with her left-hand, navigates her iPad with her left hand and, as of yesterday, shoots with her left as well.

To open her "Rights and Responsibilities Tour," Giffords fired a gun at the Clark Country Shooting Complex in Las Vegas with her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly. The outing marked the beginning of Giffords's seven-day tour to visit the seven states whose representatives opposed background checks for firearms purchases in April. The tour is sponsored by Americans for Responsible Solutions, an anti-gun violence group founded by the couple. Giffords spokeswoman Pia Carusone told ABC News that the couple would be meeting with a "coalition of unlikely allies that support gun measures," which would include "gun owners, Republicans, independents, hunters, all sorts of people."

According to Kelly, the sound of a gunshot doesn't startle Giffords because she doesn't remember being wounded. Though Giffords has joined her husband in target practice before,  Giffords told CNN in April that being able to shoot was "not really" a priority "at the top of the list." But sporting a green cardigan and her winning smile, Giffords waved after shooting the gun before sitting down to rest.