Mohamed ElBaradei, the former United Nations nuclear agency head who has emerged as a central figure in a dispute over the future leadership of Egypt, canceled his appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press," host David Gregory announced on the program Sunday.

"I was able to reach him by phone. He said he had laryngitis and a fever," Gregory said. The "Meet The Press" host said ElBaradei "told me that he expects to be named, as early as today, firmly the leader of Egypt."

Egyptian state media reported Saturday that ElBaradei had been tapped to be Egypt’s interim prime minister. But they later rolled back the report. Islamists have expressed opposition to ElBaradei, who is seen as a firm secularist.

A spokeswoman for CNN said ElBaradei also canceled a scheduled appearance on "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

Updated at 2:12 p.m.