The ad war over Obamacare is heating up again.

Just as the administration and its allies are pressing the benefits of the law, a major television campaign launching Tuesday seeks to convince mothers that the measure will limit their health-care choices and lead to higher premiums.

“Can I really trust the folks in Washington with my family’s health care?” asks a young pregnant mother sitting on a bench in front of a playground in the television commercial.

The spot is being run by Americans for Prosperity, the well-funded conservative advocacy group, which is spending $700,000 to air it in heavy rotation on broadcast and cable networks in Virginia and Ohio. The ad directs viewers to the Web site, which asks them to submit details about their age and employment to find out how the law could personally impact them.

The organization also plans to host a series of events around the country to highlight what president Tim Phillips called “the true consequences of government intrusion into the private health-care decisions of families.”

Phillips told The Washington Post that the group planned “a large, sustained effort” against Obamacare, one aimed largely at people under 35 and young women, in particular.

That’s the same demographic being targeted by Obama and his allies, who are deploying first lady Michelle Obama as part of a massive campaign to persuade the uninsured to sign up for the program.